Thirdweb Explore Feature Really Cool ?

Thirdweb Explore Feature Really Cool ?

Are you are smart contract developer? Is this the first time you're coming across the Third-web tool? If yes well, would get an insight on what the Third-web tool does and how it works.

Third-web is a platform that provides a suite of tools for creators, artists and entrepreneurs to easily build, launch and manage web3 projectIt enables users to add features such as NFTs, marketplaces, and social tokens to their Web3 projects without writing a line of code. Third-web has recently just launched thirdweb explore and honestly, i'm loving it.

I got intrigued after discovering the tool and i decided to try it out myself, i would be sharing a few key things in this blog post:

  • My experience using the third-web toolkit (the third-web explore specifically)

  • How to get and deploy prebuilt contract from the explore page

  • My thoughts and little cent about this great too

My Experience

It has been almost 4 months since i initially heard of this great tool Third-web, i got interested in it as it makes development quite easy and user friendly . I first used the third-web platform to deploy a basic storage smart contract, i liked it because i did not have to start going through the route of install .dotenv file for my web3 api and wallet private key. third-web also afforded me the opportunity to verify my contract live on the Mumbai test net, without requiring any Polygonscan API key and I was able to interact with my contract from the dashboard.

Recently discovered third-web explore tool and i decided to give it a try, here is how it went.

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 04.37.14.png

The third-web explore is a tool very similar to GitHub but with a very great difference. On GitHub not all smart contract you will find there is not properly audited and bug free which is not safe for use as most projects in the web3 space would have to deal with money and should be treated with proper care. Otherwise the smart contracts on the explore page of third-web has been properly audited, and vetted by the third-web community and you can be rest assured that third-web is properly secured.

The thirdweb Explore page is the front page for web3 developers to explore secure smart contracts from world-class web3 protocols & engineers — all deployable with one click to Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and other EVM-compatible blockchains...

The thirdweb release gives developers the opportunity to push their codes to the explore page and keep a track of the contributions in the profile.

Now that you have a proper knowledge of what the thirdweb explore page is and how it works. I decided to test run the toolkit by selecting a pre-built contract from the explore page and deploy using the thirdweb npx.

For the purpose of this tutorials, i want to make use of the NFT DROP pre-built contract which is an ideal contract for airdropping NFTs to note that the contract follows the ERC721 standard.

I chose the contract because it allows you to define a set of conditions called claim phases which defines when and how users can claim an NFT from the drop including allowlists, release dates, claim limits and delayed reveals.

You can use the NFT Drop Contract to:

  • Release the PFP collection where each of these NFTs have their special traits

  • Release NFTs of your artwork, and have your community mint them for a price

  • Create a restricted-access NFT drop, where only a specified list of wallets can claim NFTs

Now that i have selected the contract to use, it's time to deploy, and you can do this directly from the thirdweb dashboard without having to open up your terminal for some npx hardhat and all.

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 05.06.46.png

After opening up the thirdweb explore you would find something like the image attached above, first thing you have to do is connect your wallet. Explore the contracts and click on the one you want to deploy.

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 05.11.24.png

You can now see a full documentation of the contract you want to deploy, after going through this and seeing that is satisfy what you want now to can proceed and click on deploy now

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 05.24.20.png

After a couple seconds, or minute this pops up fill it up and now proceed to deploy the contract. Finally, with all this steps i have been able to deploy the contract on the polygon mumbai testnet

You can find the link to this deployed contract here.